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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Love Fall!

Hey family,
Mom said that the part of my email from last week after the pictures didn't send, so here's that. 

What can I say, I'm just loved. I love the FitDeck. I think it's brilliant. I will forever use the yoga mat, and resistance bands are new to me but I'm willing to give them a shot. They throw me back to seventh grade gym class. Thank you so much for the presents. Even in the last couple days my body has felt better from actually moving in the morning. Now I just need to finish the birthday sugar so I can for real be healthy haha. Sister Scholl made me a cake! I was so surprised, they did it while I was on exchanges.

 We had an appointment with Soribeth and her kids on Friday night. She and her husband are really less active but she has let us come in the last few times we've been. Their marriage is really struggling, he is abusive, and she is looking for some light. She loves the primary songs and still remembers some of them, so we sang to her. I hope we can get them back to church. I honestly think that with the Atonement and some work, they could save their marriage. It would be so good for their family! I want it for them so bad. She feels really lonely, she always just talks and talks to us because she doesn't really have anybody else. I like her.

Saturday, one of the recent converts we've been working with, Silverio, went though the temple and received his endowments. It was so fun to see him on Sunday, he was seriously glowing and sooo happy. Sunday was fine, we had five people who said they would be at church not show up. But our testimony meeting was really powerful and the spirit was really strong. I love church. It's the best. Our ward mission leader, Brother Seaman, is from Minnesota but served a Spanish speaking mission in California. We would always joke about a Minnesotan Spanish accent, but apparently it's a real thing. Brother Seaman has it.

So that been my week. I can't believe this transfer is more than half over. It has flooown by. Way faster than the first I think. Which is crazy because I can't believe I've already been here for almost three months. I won't be a trainee anymore... We are pretty sure that Sis Scholl is leaving after this transfer, which means I am taking notes
on everything. I'm nervous, but excited for a change. Hope everybody is good! Love you all! 

Ok. Now for this week. First of all the weather here is PERFECT. I love fall so much. Every time we go outside I am just so happy. The leaves are pretty, the temperature is perfect, it's beautiful. Sister Scholl and I went to the park today and took leave and lake pictures. I will probably send them next week because we are in a little bit of a hurry and the computers here at the library are all being used. Usually during the week I keep a list of all the  hings I want to talk about, but this week I didn't so I don't really know what to say. The big hype right now is transfers next week. Sis White in our district is going home, and Sister Scholl is probably going to be transferred,
and everyone is convinced that I will be training. The scary part is that I've been having dreams about it and that I feel sort of ready which makes me think that it's true. We'll see what happens. I should know before I email next week.

My Spanish has made a huge jump this week. Sis Scholl and I have been trying hard to speak Spanish whenever we're outside the house, and it has really helped. It's just hard when we're tired. I have been studying the Atonement pretty extensively the last week. I plan on continuing for a while. I have this mental block that starts
with the question "how can I fully understand the Atonement without having to use it for a major sin?" I know that I'm lacking in some understanding, because the plan doesn't include making us purposefully sinful to understand the sacrifice of our Savior. So I don't know what the answer is, but I'll be sure to write a full report when I know. What are some of your thoughts? Something that I learned this week though is that the atonement covers every living things on the earth, including the earth itself. Cool right? I am also learning that the Atonement is very very very individual. I'm starting to think that it's almost like the Atonement was done specifically for every person and each specific Atonement covers exactly what it needs to for that person. For example, if I never commit a major sin, then my Atonement does need that part, but for somebody else, they might need it twice. Does that make sense? Those are some of my thoughts.

Along the same lines, life is so much easier when we keep the commandments. For example, we are teaching a kid, I'll leave out the names on this one, and his Dad lives here, and his mom is in Nicaragua. Dad is returning to activity, and Mom is prepping to go through the temple. He is eight. Dad moved here to earn money, but now
lives with his girlfriend and son that he had with said girlfriend. Dad is in a corner because he literally can't live the Law of Chastity because he has a three year old here with girlfriend, but also seriously messed up because he has a couple other kids in Nicaragua. He is trapped in a spiritual corner, because he doesn't want his three year old to grow up without him, if his wife comes here and they get divorced, they'll kick her out so fast. It's crazy. It makes me really sad. Just keep the commandments.

On a brighter note! Martin, a man that Sis Scholl has been teaching for nine months is getting baptized on Saturday! We are really excited, he is realllllllly nervous. He is really afraid of commitment (like every other Hispanic) , so it's a big step that he has decided to be baptized. We also have the Stake Relief Society Conference this Saturday so we'll be running all day. It will also be my first time translating, so that's scary. All in all, everything is awesome here. I'm starting to hit my stride, and it feels good to feel confident (more or less!). Sounds like everything is going good there, minus the lack of fish;) I think that's hilarious haha.  I know you think it's less funny. Margaret said that Brooke Martin Eyring is expecting a baby in February, that's so exciting! Also, I got a mystery package this week, and I suspect Margaret. It was cute, a notebook, a cute woodblock quote thing, and happy birthday toilet paper. I love it. Made me laugh:) Chris Kilian sent me an email, he'll be in Minneapolis this week, but the north end, and he has no transportation otherwise we would go to dinner or something. It was good to hear from him. 

Hopefully this satisfies your email cravings, I love you!


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