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Monday, October 26, 2015


All the translators at the RS conference. Sis Warmbier is the one on the far right!

Obispo, Martin, and a handful of sister missionaries

Hey Fam!

Ok, big news of the week... Sister Scholl is being transferred to St Peter. I am staying here and finishing the training of Sister Warmbier. She got here last transfer and I've talked to her a couple of times. I think we'll get along great. I have really enjoyed the short time I've spent with her. She grew up in Germany, spent the last 8 years in Utah, and her mom is Mexican. So she speaks all three languages fluently. It takes off stress to know that as a companionship we wont be completely lost during our lessons, but at the same time, I am in charge of the area, and I wont have the help of a more experienced missionary. Also my Spanish will be put to shame. I am actually looking forward to the opportunity to let my language capability grow. Having a semi-native speaker will be really good for me. So that's the news. I am really excited.

On top of transfers we have had a crazy week. Definitely not a "normal" week, but I don't know if that exists in mission world. We did more than 20 hours of service this week, had a baptism, and found 8 new investigators even though we had literally zero finding time. A ton of our time this week was spent prepping for the Stake Women's Conference we had on Saturday. They have been working for more than a year  to make this Conference happen, and there were more than 200 women there, Spanish and English speakers. We spent a lot of time translating the quotes during the week, and then Saturday we helped translate the classes. Sis. Scholl did the English to Spanish and I did the Spanish to English. I had never done it before, so I think it was so-so but the other sisters said I did ok. The major purpose of the translation was to help the Spanish ward feel loved and included, and I think it totally worked. They went through a lot of work to make it happen, but it was great. We also helped a sister in our ward make some of the table centerpieces. The Stake Relief Society President is named Deanna Murphy, and she is incredible. She owns an international company that teaches coaches and trainers interpersonal skills and motivational stuff. The point is that getting people to feel united is right up her alley, and the Spanish ladies love her because of how much care she has shown them. She shared a lot of personal stories at the conference, and is somebody that I really admire. All the classes were great, the food was great, the company was great, it was all awesome. We were there all day Saturday, and then we had Martin's baptism that night!

Martin's baptism was also not average. It was great, but just a little weird haha. The speaker was a recent convert who is awesome, he's on fire with missionary work and drove all the way to Chaska (like forty minutes give or take traffic) almost every week to visit with Martin with us. The object lesson he used involved a banana. I didn't get it. Then the baptism itself was great, and then the closing prayer turned out to be some closing remarks by Hermano Benjamin (another recent convert of 2 or 3 years) who is an ex-evangelist preacher. He gets a little passionate when he speaks. So His remarks/prayer were a little fiery for a baptism, but what can you do haha and then after the prayer, Martin wanted to say a few things, and it was good and he bore his testimony, but then after he crossed himself in classic-Catholic fashion over the pulpit. Yay recent converts haha. It was awesome. 
Another interesting experience this week, there is a family that we haven't been able to teach for more than a month, and the mom called us this week and asked if we could come over "ahorita" like right now. We were a little confused and slightly nervous as to why she needed us right now. But when we got there she explained the situation (it's a legal thing) that their family had been in for a month or so and asked if we could help. We did, and now we've been back two or three times and read out of the Book of Mormon with her and her sons. They are really fun and we are excited to be back in with them. 

We also found another new family this week! Last Sunday we were knocking doors and found a guy, Victor, that wanted us to come back and teach his family,especially his kids, more about God. So we went back last night and taught him, his wife, and his two kids the Restoration. It was a great lesson, the asked good questions, and invited us back. Victor is definitely someone that Heavenly Father has prepared, and I am excited to see how their family grows spiritually.

Obviously I need a food paragraph in here as usual. My new favorite food is pozole. Officially. It's a Mexican soup with hominy and meat and it is soooooo good. I had it for the first time this week and twice after that. Also we had tinga, which is like meat and onions that you put on a tostada with cream and salsa and lettuce and cheese, also delicious. And for a change of pace, Bishop Volz took us out to Vietnamese food this week, so we ate pho (pronounced fuh). It was delicious too. Now you understand why I need help exercising. 

I got your other presents this week! I love love love the Pinterest binder and the jar that Morgan sent. I love them. I also got a Halloween package from the Hughes family. They are adorable. They also send me pictures of their family that I love. I also got my prescription finally this week. What happens is they stop sending mail a certain amount of time before transfers, so they had everything on hold for a minute, but we went up to the office when we were at the conference on Saturday.

So that has been most of my week. It has been crazy, productive, fun, all the things. We have so much stuff to do today with Sister Scholl leaving. 

Keep me updated on life, I love hearing the fun things that are happening!
Also, what's up with the hurricane in Mexico? Tell me all you can about it, because all I've heard basically is that it hit the Eastern coast, and it was big. 

Thanks for your love and support!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Love Fall!

Hey family,
Mom said that the part of my email from last week after the pictures didn't send, so here's that. 

What can I say, I'm just loved. I love the FitDeck. I think it's brilliant. I will forever use the yoga mat, and resistance bands are new to me but I'm willing to give them a shot. They throw me back to seventh grade gym class. Thank you so much for the presents. Even in the last couple days my body has felt better from actually moving in the morning. Now I just need to finish the birthday sugar so I can for real be healthy haha. Sister Scholl made me a cake! I was so surprised, they did it while I was on exchanges.

 We had an appointment with Soribeth and her kids on Friday night. She and her husband are really less active but she has let us come in the last few times we've been. Their marriage is really struggling, he is abusive, and she is looking for some light. She loves the primary songs and still remembers some of them, so we sang to her. I hope we can get them back to church. I honestly think that with the Atonement and some work, they could save their marriage. It would be so good for their family! I want it for them so bad. She feels really lonely, she always just talks and talks to us because she doesn't really have anybody else. I like her.

Saturday, one of the recent converts we've been working with, Silverio, went though the temple and received his endowments. It was so fun to see him on Sunday, he was seriously glowing and sooo happy. Sunday was fine, we had five people who said they would be at church not show up. But our testimony meeting was really powerful and the spirit was really strong. I love church. It's the best. Our ward mission leader, Brother Seaman, is from Minnesota but served a Spanish speaking mission in California. We would always joke about a Minnesotan Spanish accent, but apparently it's a real thing. Brother Seaman has it.

So that been my week. I can't believe this transfer is more than half over. It has flooown by. Way faster than the first I think. Which is crazy because I can't believe I've already been here for almost three months. I won't be a trainee anymore... We are pretty sure that Sis Scholl is leaving after this transfer, which means I am taking notes
on everything. I'm nervous, but excited for a change. Hope everybody is good! Love you all! 

Ok. Now for this week. First of all the weather here is PERFECT. I love fall so much. Every time we go outside I am just so happy. The leaves are pretty, the temperature is perfect, it's beautiful. Sister Scholl and I went to the park today and took leave and lake pictures. I will probably send them next week because we are in a little bit of a hurry and the computers here at the library are all being used. Usually during the week I keep a list of all the  hings I want to talk about, but this week I didn't so I don't really know what to say. The big hype right now is transfers next week. Sis White in our district is going home, and Sister Scholl is probably going to be transferred,
and everyone is convinced that I will be training. The scary part is that I've been having dreams about it and that I feel sort of ready which makes me think that it's true. We'll see what happens. I should know before I email next week.

My Spanish has made a huge jump this week. Sis Scholl and I have been trying hard to speak Spanish whenever we're outside the house, and it has really helped. It's just hard when we're tired. I have been studying the Atonement pretty extensively the last week. I plan on continuing for a while. I have this mental block that starts
with the question "how can I fully understand the Atonement without having to use it for a major sin?" I know that I'm lacking in some understanding, because the plan doesn't include making us purposefully sinful to understand the sacrifice of our Savior. So I don't know what the answer is, but I'll be sure to write a full report when I know. What are some of your thoughts? Something that I learned this week though is that the atonement covers every living things on the earth, including the earth itself. Cool right? I am also learning that the Atonement is very very very individual. I'm starting to think that it's almost like the Atonement was done specifically for every person and each specific Atonement covers exactly what it needs to for that person. For example, if I never commit a major sin, then my Atonement does need that part, but for somebody else, they might need it twice. Does that make sense? Those are some of my thoughts.

Along the same lines, life is so much easier when we keep the commandments. For example, we are teaching a kid, I'll leave out the names on this one, and his Dad lives here, and his mom is in Nicaragua. Dad is returning to activity, and Mom is prepping to go through the temple. He is eight. Dad moved here to earn money, but now
lives with his girlfriend and son that he had with said girlfriend. Dad is in a corner because he literally can't live the Law of Chastity because he has a three year old here with girlfriend, but also seriously messed up because he has a couple other kids in Nicaragua. He is trapped in a spiritual corner, because he doesn't want his three year old to grow up without him, if his wife comes here and they get divorced, they'll kick her out so fast. It's crazy. It makes me really sad. Just keep the commandments.

On a brighter note! Martin, a man that Sis Scholl has been teaching for nine months is getting baptized on Saturday! We are really excited, he is realllllllly nervous. He is really afraid of commitment (like every other Hispanic) , so it's a big step that he has decided to be baptized. We also have the Stake Relief Society Conference this Saturday so we'll be running all day. It will also be my first time translating, so that's scary. All in all, everything is awesome here. I'm starting to hit my stride, and it feels good to feel confident (more or less!). Sounds like everything is going good there, minus the lack of fish;) I think that's hilarious haha.  I know you think it's less funny. Margaret said that Brooke Martin Eyring is expecting a baby in February, that's so exciting! Also, I got a mystery package this week, and I suspect Margaret. It was cute, a notebook, a cute woodblock quote thing, and happy birthday toilet paper. I love it. Made me laugh:) Chris Kilian sent me an email, he'll be in Minneapolis this week, but the north end, and he has no transportation otherwise we would go to dinner or something. It was good to hear from him. 

Hopefully this satisfies your email cravings, I love you!


Monday, October 12, 2015

Pre-World Cup: The Struggles of a Spanish Missionary

Happy Birlday - So Close
If I were to write a book my subject line would be the title. Just
kidding we only had one night where Mexico was playing the US and
literally everyone cancelled their appointments. Everyone. Mexico won
btw. Apparently during the World Cup practically the whole ward was
inactive, which is sort of funny but not really. These people are
serious about their fútbol.

We had a good week. It was a lot more productive than last week. We
had a lot more people actually there for lessons, and this coming week
our schedule is packed. I think it's just the cycle of missionary
work. Tuesday night we went to the Noche de Hogar (FHE) that our ward
has every week. The missionaries are encouraged to go regularly, and
this was the first time I went. They always do dinner afterwards and
they made a Oaxacan dish called clayudas or something like that.
Basically a huge meat quesadilla cooked over charcoal. Delicious. Wednesday we had exchanges with the STLs. I was in the English area again with Sister Parke. She's super awesome. She LOVES basketball and BYU. This is us.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

General Conference

Hey family, 

I love you. Just so you know. I also have a hard time deciding where to start when I write. Some random things, I got a haircut and spent a disgusting amount at a high end salon. I won't tell you how much, but I will say it was half my food money for this month. So worth it. The lady did a great job. I got it cut shortish because it's already starting to get cold. I still haven't opened my second package because we haven't been to the office yet. But we are at our unofficial zone p-day and the zone leaders have it, so I'll take it home tonight. I am excited for birthday packages! Mission birthdays are weird, because it will just be a normal day. We are supposed to be having interviews with President Forbes that day, so that will be good.

This week was realllllly slow teaching wise. We spent 12+ hours driving, 3 hours working on the ward list, things like that. The ward list is super outdated, the missionaries have the most updated list. We went through the 120 prospective elders and all the part member families to find the ones in our area. People move, numbers change,
addresses don't exist, it's crazy. But a couple of lessons that went really well, were with Ely and Gerardo and the family Michilot. Ely is an investigator, she's been investigating since January and but got in a really bad car accident in April and forgot a lot of what she had been taught. Gerardo is her boyfriend who is an active solid member minus just having a baby with Ely. But this week we had a really good lesson with them and for the first time Ely committed to reading the Book of Mormon. We had a good powerful lesson with them. 

The Michilots are a Peruvian couple who are active at heart. They struggle with health problems. They are the most adorable old couple ever. He can't hear very well, and she is recovering from hip surgery I think, so he is her legs and she is his ears. They're adorable. We had a lesson with them about what they learned from conference. They are a wonderful example of making the best of a hard situation and being faithful even though they can't do
very much. They also fed us fried plátanos and plátano bread. We are still trying to set an appointment with Carlos and family, but they said they would be in church this next Sunday, and Delfino, the guy who's living with them, texted us today. I'm still hoping for progress with them.

On Monday, a guy stopped us in the parking lot at Walmart and asked if we were missionaries. Turns out he was a member from Las Vegas in Minnesota for a Vikings game. He was decked out in his Vikings gear. He gave us some food that he was trying to get rid of because he didn't want to take it on the plane. So that was cool. His name is Gary.

So General Conference. I actually watched all of it Spanish. That being said, I got a lot of it, but also not nearly as much as I could have in English. For me, I was looking for things about charity, how to develop it, how to use it etc. Here are some of my notes about that:

How do I love my companion and others more fully?
The love of a parent is closest to how God loves us
    Ask my parents how I can better love others (for real, what are
your thoughts on this?)
God calls us by name
We can look to the apostles as examples of charity
To have true charity we need to see others through His eyes.
    We can pray for this ability
    We can only do this if we have the Spirit
        Comes through obedience

So there you go. I'm working on it and I'm excited to go back and read
it in English. What were your favorite parts of Conference?

Thanks for all you do, I love you guys!