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Monday, October 12, 2015

Pre-World Cup: The Struggles of a Spanish Missionary

Happy Birlday - So Close
If I were to write a book my subject line would be the title. Just
kidding we only had one night where Mexico was playing the US and
literally everyone cancelled their appointments. Everyone. Mexico won
btw. Apparently during the World Cup practically the whole ward was
inactive, which is sort of funny but not really. These people are
serious about their fĂștbol.

We had a good week. It was a lot more productive than last week. We
had a lot more people actually there for lessons, and this coming week
our schedule is packed. I think it's just the cycle of missionary
work. Tuesday night we went to the Noche de Hogar (FHE) that our ward
has every week. The missionaries are encouraged to go regularly, and
this was the first time I went. They always do dinner afterwards and
they made a Oaxacan dish called clayudas or something like that.
Basically a huge meat quesadilla cooked over charcoal. Delicious. Wednesday we had exchanges with the STLs. I was in the English area again with Sister Parke. She's super awesome. She LOVES basketball and BYU. This is us.

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