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Thursday, October 8, 2015

General Conference

Hey family, 

I love you. Just so you know. I also have a hard time deciding where to start when I write. Some random things, I got a haircut and spent a disgusting amount at a high end salon. I won't tell you how much, but I will say it was half my food money for this month. So worth it. The lady did a great job. I got it cut shortish because it's already starting to get cold. I still haven't opened my second package because we haven't been to the office yet. But we are at our unofficial zone p-day and the zone leaders have it, so I'll take it home tonight. I am excited for birthday packages! Mission birthdays are weird, because it will just be a normal day. We are supposed to be having interviews with President Forbes that day, so that will be good.

This week was realllllly slow teaching wise. We spent 12+ hours driving, 3 hours working on the ward list, things like that. The ward list is super outdated, the missionaries have the most updated list. We went through the 120 prospective elders and all the part member families to find the ones in our area. People move, numbers change,
addresses don't exist, it's crazy. But a couple of lessons that went really well, were with Ely and Gerardo and the family Michilot. Ely is an investigator, she's been investigating since January and but got in a really bad car accident in April and forgot a lot of what she had been taught. Gerardo is her boyfriend who is an active solid member minus just having a baby with Ely. But this week we had a really good lesson with them and for the first time Ely committed to reading the Book of Mormon. We had a good powerful lesson with them. 

The Michilots are a Peruvian couple who are active at heart. They struggle with health problems. They are the most adorable old couple ever. He can't hear very well, and she is recovering from hip surgery I think, so he is her legs and she is his ears. They're adorable. We had a lesson with them about what they learned from conference. They are a wonderful example of making the best of a hard situation and being faithful even though they can't do
very much. They also fed us fried plátanos and plátano bread. We are still trying to set an appointment with Carlos and family, but they said they would be in church this next Sunday, and Delfino, the guy who's living with them, texted us today. I'm still hoping for progress with them.

On Monday, a guy stopped us in the parking lot at Walmart and asked if we were missionaries. Turns out he was a member from Las Vegas in Minnesota for a Vikings game. He was decked out in his Vikings gear. He gave us some food that he was trying to get rid of because he didn't want to take it on the plane. So that was cool. His name is Gary.

So General Conference. I actually watched all of it Spanish. That being said, I got a lot of it, but also not nearly as much as I could have in English. For me, I was looking for things about charity, how to develop it, how to use it etc. Here are some of my notes about that:

How do I love my companion and others more fully?
The love of a parent is closest to how God loves us
    Ask my parents how I can better love others (for real, what are
your thoughts on this?)
God calls us by name
We can look to the apostles as examples of charity
To have true charity we need to see others through His eyes.
    We can pray for this ability
    We can only do this if we have the Spirit
        Comes through obedience

So there you go. I'm working on it and I'm excited to go back and read
it in English. What were your favorite parts of Conference?

Thanks for all you do, I love you guys!

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