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Friday, July 31, 2015

​Christmas in July with my old roomies. Love them.
Hermana Brun's (far right) birthday on Sunday
Hola familia!
I am so excited to be leaving for Minnesota next week. I have to be at the travel office at 3:35 am on Wednesday (8/5) morning. So here's the deal. We are allowed to call home while we're at the airport. Nothing huge just like five minutes (almost literally) to say I'm alive and well and on my way. Do you have girl's camp next week? Who should I call? Do you even want me to call? It will be between 6-7 am your time because my flight leaves at 8:30am. Send me a Dear Elder and just tell me what to do, because I don't know what your plans are. But for real, I'm so excited. I'M SO EXCITED. I'm going to keep saying it. Because for real. 

It's crazy that there are so many babies in the ward now! I love the name Kimber. That's adorable. and I saw Kaylee's baby two days before I left. He was brand brand new. I love hearing about the family adventures. Send me pictures! I can't believe Sheralyn's engaged! When you go to their open house you are required to send me pictures! And tell Ryan I'm super proud of him and I brag all the time. So he'd better back me up with some more wins. 

I saw Josh Farish on Sunday, twice actually. He is doing great. And of course we're on the same plane. That will be so fun. Tell Jenny I'll take care of him:) 

Has Josh Lee emailed you lately? I got an email today and apparently a couple of weeks ago he got a mosquito disease. This is what he said "Two weeks ago I got chikungunya, a nifty brand new mosquito transmitted illness! Then the following week we were given mosquito nets and repellent....#justintime  Luckily, It didn't hit me too hard and after three days I was good to go :) " Isn't that just like him? Sheesh. 
I'm sort of sorry that this email is so scattered but at the same time, this week was not exciting at all. Except for Minnesota. That's exciting.

Our trio is hanging in there. I'm really not complaining because my companions are teaching me a lot about how teaching should work, how to be patient, being humble. I'm learning. Even just yesterday, I was put into my place (more like shoved forcefully back into my place, kicked in the face, and then left there to think about it for a second) after one of our lessons. Our Spanish is getting a lot better, which is cool except that now it's hard to teach simply because we can actually explain ourselves. I especially am working on this. And our teacher was more than happy to point it out. After mentioning that I said "um" about a million times. So that made me mad. But I'm learning. Being humble is hard, but being humbled is just painful. And annoying. So just be humble. Ugh I'm still cringing. Good thing I have 6 days to iron out any kinks. HA. A good dose of reality will be good for me. If you can't tell I'm still fuming a lot. Not complaining, just learning. Could be worse. I could have chikungunya. 
I am really appreciative of my teachers and branch presidency. They have been really complimentary of me this last week, and I hope I can live up to their expectations. 

I'm sorry this is so short, really nothing exciting happened this week. I am sooo looking forward to Minnesota. I'm also praying for a good trainer. PRAYING. 

I love you.

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