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Friday, April 29, 2016

So many things! So many pictures!

Straight hair attempt
Spending time with Sister Warmbier

Twins game!

This is Stacey, she grilled meat for us. She's twelveish and awesome haha!
Hey family, there are so many things that happened this week. Literally every day was full and we met so many new people. We found five new investigators, which is more than double the most we've ever found here in Lakeville in one week. We just got the transfer board and we're staying put for this transfer. Our zone has 7
companionships, and five of seven will be training. Yay transfers!

I cannot believe how fast time is flying. The weather here has been gorgeous this week. The trees are turning green, the sun is warm, it's starting to get humid, my hair is freaking out, it's awesome.

So Mom sent me an email about the package from Sister Accord, and you were right, I laughed pretty hard when I opened it. Definitely the most random package ever. Obviously we had to try out the straightener, so I'll send a picture :)

We taught Lucio twice this week both times with a member. He also came to church, and committed to a baptism date! We are so excited about his progress. We met his son who is three and is adorable. The members were great at introducing themselves and everything went well. Except... Sacrament meeting was an hour and half long. We only had two speakers but with both they weren't native speakers and so they took foreverrrr. Ugh. But it was fine. It worked out ok and I think he liked it. We have another appointment with him tomorrow. After church we taught the couple I talked about last week, and our lesson went really well. They asked lots of really thoughtful
questions and really have a desire to learn more about how to follow God and where to go with their lives.

We taught a girl named Sol this week, we helped her a few weeks ago to move some of her stuff into her trailer. We went back and ended up teaching her. She's 24 with a 6 mo baby and has been thinking a lot more about God and what He wants for her and her family. She had tons of awesome questions. We talked about a little of everything. I was super impressed with how thoughtful her questions were.

We had a neat experience on Friday that kind of changed my perspective. We went out with brother Watkins, the guy I talked about last week, to talk to some of the people he has met on his paper route. We got yelled at by some young people outside. I didn't hear what they said or that they were talking to us. But bro W says Lets go
talk to them! I said You're crazy! And we still went to go talk to them. We were able to just have a nice conversation explain who we are, and what we do, and it was really nice. We ended up leaving a card and one of them seemed relatively interested. It was an experience to help me realize that there is nothing that should stop
us from sharing, and being afraid is not a good excuse for not talking to people.

Mom you'd be proud, we taught seminary on Thursday before the baseball game. They start at 545 but we didn't have to get there until 615. We taught about the beautiful feet of those who proclaim the gospel. Haha.

The baseball game was soooo fun. We took the light rail from Bloomington to the stadium all through downtown Minneapolis. I loved it. Minneapolis is so cool  and if I ever live there, I'm going for bikes and light rails. The game was fun to see everyone, the Twins lost of course, but the weather was perfect, and we got to hang with our friends. The strangest part of the baseball game was everyone asking me how long I've been out and then telling me I'm an old missionary. I don't feel old yet, but I guess time flies. I feel like I just got here, but I'm almost ten months in. Next transfer is my one year! Whaaaat. Also Mother's Day is in 3 weeks, also whaaaaat??!!

Will Ryan be home for Mother's Day?

Thanks for all the pictures, and all the updates.

Love you!

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