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Friday, April 29, 2016

Conference Miracle!

Hey family! Happy Conference!
What did y'all do for for conference? Were you home by then? How was
Utah/ Idaho? I loved getting the pictures from Dad of the patio haha
classic. That will be really nice, are you doing cement stairs to the
basement too?
Our week has not been very exciting. We were basically just inviting
everyone we met to conference. Some of the highlights include
chocolate fondue with the Cupkie's and Five Crowns with the family we
live with.
We taught a family this week that are Seventh Day Adventist, and I
offered to come do a bible study with them. I don't know what I got us
into haha but I'll let you know.
Conference was the real highlight though. Saturday we watched both
sessions at the church. I loved the emphasis on temples and priesthood
power. I want to focus more on the temple and teaching others the
significance of the ordinances we do there. Like President Monson
said, if you don't know where you're going, it doesn't matter what
path you take. Without having the temple in mind, our path doesn't
lead to salvation. I want to do better at seeing myself and the people
I teach in the temple and helping them work toward those blessings. I
still don't think I understand or fully comprehend all the blessings
that come from the temple, but I have felt power and peace and
happiness there. When they announced the new temples in Quito and
Lima, the word "rejoicing" is a pretty accurate way to describe how I
felt. I was surprised at how strongly I felt. Some of my favorite
people I've met here are from Ecuador and Peru. They talked a lot
about how we should rejoice in the blessings of the temple, and that's
what I've been trying to teach to all my new Hispanic family. I love
them with my whole heart and I want those blessings for them more than
anything. I have really really needed a focus in the last couple of
transfers because I've been struggling to stay focused and hang onto
my desire to go out and work. I'm grateful for conference and the
inspiration we receive and for the answers we get.
I also loved the theme of the priesthood. It makes me so sad when
there are those who choose not to sustain the brethren. I think Elder
Rasband very appropriately and very firmly told us exactly what comes
when we follow the leaders of the church. We can choose to not sustain
the leaders, but that does not change that they have been called of
God to guide us. They warn us of danger and when we choose not to
listen, we lower the shields and make ourselves vulnerable. We only
deny ourselves blessings. The power of the priesthood is real and it
permeates EVERYTHING on the earth.
Seriously the church is true.
We had a conference miracle!! So rewind threeish weeks ago, and we saw
one of the English sisters car when we were out and about so we left
some notes and one of our pass along cards. A week later, they met a
Hispanic man that wanted to come to church, and they gave him our
card. We forgot about it, because usually not a lot happens with
contacts like that. But fast forward to Sunday afternoon, we get a
random phone call from this guy, Lucio, and he wanted to come to
church. So we explained conference and how it was a little different
than normal, and he came!! He stayed for all two hours of the last
session, we watched in Spanish with him. He really enjoyed it and we
have an appointment for Tuesday! I'm really excited about him.
So those are some of my thoughts, let me know some of yours!
I love you!

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