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Thursday, February 25, 2016

45 might as well be summer.

Emily and Deb Zollinger
Congratulation's Vivian!

Hey family, sorry you didn't get the email last week. The server has been struggling and tons of missionary letter aren't going through. If you ever don't get a letter, it's not because I didn't write. I sent last weeks letter again, so hopefully you got that just before this one. It's been a pretty big problem I guess.

This week wasn't overly exciting until Saturday. We have been teaching a lady twice a week since we found her two weeks ago, and her lessons are interesting because she asks the best questions, but she is really Catholic. Her daughters are going through the preparation for their confirmation and so she is really active in her church. It's interesting because she feels like she is missing something in her worship/beliefs, but she hasn't figured out that she feels that way. When we talk to her she always asks really good questions and has a sincere desire to figure out what truth actually is. She mentioned that everyone thinks that they have found truth, so how does she know that what we're saying is THE truth. She has been reading a little from the Book of Mormon. We invited her to the baptism and branch activity we had Saturday, but I lost her phone number and couldn't remind her on Saturday. Stupid. She is really cute, we want to try to commit her to a date this week. 

On Wednesday we're going to the temple! YAYY! I'm excited. Brother Cupkie is going with us and apparently he's a temple symbolism guru. It should be really good. So today we have our email time. I hope you get this one!      
I read a talk this week that was kind of a big deal to me. Sometimes when you really need some advice, you read the words of an apostle or prophet and it just fills up every part of you, and that's what this talk did. It's called "the Inconvenient Messiah" by Elder Jeffrey Holland. It's a devotional he gave at BYU in the 80s. He talks about a lot of things, but the underlying message of his whole talk is that the path of a disciple of Jesus Christ will never ever be convenient or easy. He talks about keeping the commandments, school, life, and then related it to the temptations that the Savior overcame. It resonated for me because being a missionary is hard. The last few weeks have been hard motivation-wise, and his comments were much-needed. Nothing like a little Elder Holland to revamp your motivation haha. 

Saturday we had coordination meeting, a baptism, dinner with the Zollingers, and then a branch talent show. We biked to coordination meeting, which is only like a half mile, but we usually drive, it was new and fun. Biking is fun as long as it's not cold, it's not too hilly, and you're not in a skirt:) It's good though, I actually enjoyed the change. Our branch president always does coordination and breakfast 8 o clock Saturdays, it's always enjoyable. Vivian got baptized! I don't know if I've talked about her a lot, but her husband and all her husband's family are less-active, so we really hope that this will help not only her but her whole family to receive the blessings they need. Their family needs a little push. They literally have no excuse not to come. She was so cute. She was nervous, but it turned out good. 

We had a branch activity Saturday night and it was a talent show. It was cute, the kids dance d a sang, Hna R and I sang. It was fun and lots of cake after haha. It's been a good week. Next week is already transfers! How did that even happen?! I think we'll both stay here in Lakeville, but you never know. 

Dad I don't even know what to say about the accident. I'm glad you're ok. Scary. I'm glad the rest of the week was good, are you feeling better today? How long do you have to wear a brace? How are the girls? Did they burn the house down? 

Let me know how things are. 
Love you, stay safe!

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