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Saturday, January 9, 2016

T minus 4!


The poor Elders are on bikes all winter
Victor, Hna W, Yo, Christina, and Saul
This picture describes our relationship with Hno Benjamin
Hey family! This week's email is going to be short becauseee..... SKYPE IN 4 DAYS! I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of nervous because there is a high possibility that I cry my eyes out, plus being homesick is not fun, and I feel like that's what will happen when we Skype. But it's ok! because I'm mostly excited! So anyway, I'm not going to say a lot, mostly pictures, but we can talk Friday.

We are going to Bishop Volz's house Friday morning so expect a call between 9 and 12 my time. I think that Facetime might actually be easier and might work better than Skype on the iPad, so we might try that. If I call Dad on my iPad it should show up on the phone and the iPad. Yay!

Seriously I'm excited, and I have nothing else to talk about because we can discuss on Friday. But here's what needs to happen. Basically I can talk about my week and then I'll have nothing to say, so you guys have to think of questions to ask so that it's easy to keep a conversation without saying I miss you over and over. I also don't know how long we are allowed to Skype for. The least amount of time will be an hour, but I'll find out for sure. The thing is that the mission president before President Forbes was really strict on everything and set 45 min Skype calls, then when he left President Forbes literally copied and pasted all those rules and then put his name on it haha so nobody actually knows what the current rules are. But it will be an hour at the least. 

I don't have much to say, because I want to hear about the cruise, Christmas, presents, life, and everything and tell you about the baptism we had (surprise!), presents, mission life, etc all in person! 

I love you! Talk to you Friday!💞🐩
Pictures to come!
Love, Emily

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