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Monday, January 11, 2016

Rosca with the Nino Jesus
They literally just Zamboni the parks and play hockey.
Hey family! This week has been crazy. I feel like every other week is like that haha. Last week I didn't do a very good at writing because we were playing chair soccer which is like soccer except everyone is on their own team and you're trying to knock over other people's chairs with the ball. It's super fun and I was a little distracted.
Right now, we're at zone Pday where we're doing a "one-bite" challenge. Can you tell that elders planned it? We're watching Inside Out later I think, so that will be better:) but I missed some stuff from last week. 

For New Years Eve we went to the family Vegas house and ate and then when we went home we drank sparkling cider and went to bed at 10:30. Super exciting. We also had interviews last week and something that I liked a lot is that I asked what his definition of a consecrated missionary is and he said that it is improvement. I like that a lot because it seems so much more achievable than anything else I've heard. Because I can improve!

This week we had a hard time staying motivated. On Wednesday we went to get new tires. We show up at 4, they start working on our car at 4:30, we didn't leave until 8:30!!!!!!!!!!!!! They finished by about 6, but we had to pay through the church's account. The system couldn't find their account, then when they did find it after almost an hour and three phone calls to our vehicle coordinator, they found the account, THEN the account wouldn't let it enter 1 field and the whole thing couldn't move forward. So we called it. We called the APs who came and picked us up. In the morning, they had figured it all out so the STLs came and had to take us back to our car. We were so mad. We had three set appointments and had to cancel all of them. Nothing kills your drive like 4 1/2 hours in a Firestone.

Wednesday was also a holiday that is a Mexican tradition called Día de los Reyes Magos. They have a tradition where they cut the rosca which is a sweet bread and they hide little baby Jesuses in it. If one of them is in your piece you have to make tamales for everyone on February 2. We did it twice and we both got two babies. It's a fun tradition:) We had an unplanned lesson with Christina and it made everything better. Christina and Victor got us matching scarves and socks for Christmas and then we talked about temples with Christina. It just put
everything into perspective.

It sounds like you all are staying so busy and life is good. Also I demand pictures of Sara minus braces and of house plus new things! I like what Dad said in his email about "falling down" before the tree. There's a talk that I really like called "Stay by the Tree" that talks a lot about all of the symbolism in the Vision.

I'm glad you enjoyed that video it was fun haha I'm planning on sending a "this is what -25 degrees looks like" video. Yesterday was cold! And getting colder! We're doing good. Transfers are a week from Wednesday, and we're a little nervous, but excited.

I love you!
Love, Emily

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