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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Companion!!

Emily and Her Cousin Josh

Hermana Warmbier, Hermana Frank and Emily

We are Wackos

Ok, so as usual I don't really know where to start, so I'll just go sort of in order of this week! So the first big thing was transfers. We go to a meeting where all the transferring missionaries and companions are and President gives a short message about how change can be a good thing, I feel like it's probably a pretty similar message every time. I like President Forbes, his style is perfect for our mission right now. He is very laid back and informal, and it
creates a really comfortable atmosphere. At transfer meeting, I met a sister from Weed, CA that's here in this
mission too! Small world. After the meeting, we all go into the parking lot and swap suitcases and people, and it is pretty crazy but fun. It was also the coldest day we've had so far, so there were a lot of cold hands pulling bikes off and on the bike racks. Luckily the Elders are always really nice and help out a lot. Perks of wearing a skirt. I saw Josh! He is in W St Paul now, so hopefully I'll get to see him more. He is going from rural to straight city. He seemed to be doing good though.

After transfer meeting, Hermana Warmbier and Hermana Frank and I went to lunch and ran a few errands because Hma Frank had to wait for her trainee. With transfers, I am now the designated driver for our area. I love
driving, but we don't have a GPS, soooo I've only gotten lost a couple of times. Usually I know where I am, but if we are out in Chaska or Eden Prairie, it's way harder. Minneapolis and the surrounding areas are on a grid system, so that is insanely helpful. I love driving though. The craziest thing is that the one and off ramps criss cross on the freeway, but I really like the mental game. You have to think ahead, and it's fun! Taking over this area has been less stressful than I thought it would be. The hardest part is getting to places on time and without getting lost, but I'm getting better. It really helps that Sis W is already fluent in Spanish. We also get along really well. We probably have too much fun. We sing constantly. We have a lot in common, and we really enjoy being together. We get distracted sometimes because we just like to talk and laugh. We are learning to curb our distraction and to be
more focused in the times that we need to. She has a really strong desire to be productive and to do work, and to have fun at the same time. We are a good match.

As far as the work goes, we had a ton of people cancel this week. It has been frustrating, but like I said, Sis W and I are a good match. It's crazy that they put two greenies together like us but it's so fun. She has barely a transfer in the mission field, and I have barely two. It's a party. We have a lot of animo. We are hoping/planning that the work picks up this week. We really want to start work with Fabiola's family. They are the ones I talked about last week, where we are excited to be back in with them. But they have a lot of other people living in that house, uncles, cousins, friends or all of the above. They have been listening in when we sing and read with Fabiola and her kids, so we have plans for them. We were sad that Victors family wasn't home for our return appointment.
We had an appointment with Hno Benjamin again. He's being really stubborn and not coming to church so I got kind of sassy with him. It was actually perfect. Sis W and I are pretty in sync with our teaching, and she asked all the perfect questions and then Benjamin asked why I wasn't saying anything. I told him what I thought/ called
him out for a talking a big game about faith but then not acting on it. Benjamin is cool. We're tight so I can call him out on stuff like that. And he pinky promised to come on Sunday so he better be there. Also I think he tried to send pictures to you guys on Facebook, so if a Mexican guy se llama "Coach Moran" tries to friend you on Facebook or send a message, that's who it is. He has pictures of me eating tacos de lengua.

Halloween was pretty low key. We did service at the Bloomington ice gardens and just helped with games and candy and stuff for the kids. It was fun, and we got a lot of candy too which is good and bad. It sounds like you guys had a good week though. Let me know how Ryan's tournament is! The email from Josh made me laugh, it's so like him. I haven't written him in a while. It's sounds like he's is insanely insanely busy and loving life. The winter is coming and we've been slowly building up our stores. I bought a pair of medium winter boots and like four pairs of good tights in the last couple of weeks. I little bit of money, but they will be much needed. I hate spending money:P  I think the only thing I still need are gloves. I have little ones, but I hear what I really need are good mittens and then to wear little gloves underneath. Any idea where to get good mittens?

I found a song that Sara and Lauren need to sing! It's a children's hymn that's only in Spanish. It's called Estrella de Luz nĂºmero 146 in the Spanish children's hymn book. It's a Christmas song, and I fully expect a performance when we Skype. The harmony in it is so pretty. I hope everybody is good. I will probably be sending a package home soon with the stuff I don't use.

Mucho amor!


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