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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Do you want to have a wedding?

New skirt

Hello my favorite people, Happy Labor Day, I hope you're having a fat BBQ or at the lake or something. I love getting updates on how everyone is doing. Ryan, I officially added you to my mailing list, so like it or not, you'll at least to have to acknowledge my existence. I want updates. Especially about ESPN girl. Actually mostly about tennis, but your life in general would be good. 

Hearing about volleyball makes laugh/be sad. Their team could be really good, they have talent, but wow. Lauren and Morgan, email me about how it's going? What are you working on? What do you like? How's your team? Is it hard? Sara, what have you been up to? How's school?

I wish I could do seminary again. I missed so much the first time around. I've been reading the New Testament and Book of Mormon again, and wow. Let me tell ya, something about being a missionary does things to you, because I swear I've never read any of it before. It's all so enlightening, and I wish I had hours and hours to just read. I can't wait to go back to BYU and take an Old Testament class. There's one called Writings of Isaiah that I really want to take. Ryan are you taking a religion class? Is it Old Testament too? Duuuuude write me. 
Dad, how is not doing volleyball? Do you miss it? What do you do instead? Please tell me you're teaching Sara how to golf. 

So the last couple of weeks have been eventful, I told you how I got proposed to last week, we ran into some more crazies this week. But first, let me tell you about the state fair! We had so much fun. We woke up early (like 5) to get all of our laundry and stuff done, met our district at the church, went to breakfast at a little diner called Curran's (they have breakfast for $2.50), and emailed. We were all in street clothes because we were told that because we were biking part of the way, it was ok, but when we got to the church, the zone leaders were there, and told us we had to be in proselyting get up, so the elders went home to grab there stuff, cuz they live like two minutes from the church, and the sisters hit up Goodwill, because we live like twenty minutes from the church. It actually worked out great, we found some good stuff! We drove to the edge of our zone, rode our bikes about four miles to a members house in St Paul that lives a half a block from the fairgrounds, changed to church clothes, and went to the fair! Adventure. I ate so much food. I had walleye on-a-stick, fried cheese curds, and other stuff, but those were the important ones. There were missionaries everywhere haha.
Tuesday, we rode our bikes again most of the day, because we didn't have any appts that were far away. I also ate tongue tacos. Not bad, but not my favorite, it freaks me out if I look too closely and see tastebuds. 
Being a missionary never gets dull. One day we accidentally started knocking on people's back doors, in our defense, there were doorbells. One day, we got fed sandwiches with egg (Hispanic sandwiches don't exist without egg), bologna, lettuce, tomato, cream cheese, aaannnnddd....chocolate bagels. Not too bad actually, the lady is mostly blind, so she had no idea. They actually turned out pretty good. This week was all about food really. 
One day we had a lesson with a family we've been teaching, and the mom, Fabiola, was telling us about the evil spirits in her house. She is freaked out enough to try reading the BoM, praying, and coming to church as a family, so that's something. They're actually a really cute family. We really like them, apparently they just have evil spirits in their house. We invite them to church and the baptism we had yesterday, but they didn't come, even though Fabiola said they would be. Bummer. We have a lesson with them later this week. 

We were called two mornings in a row at 4, once because we asked a member to tell us when her daughter has her baby, and they were taking her to the hospital so she called us, one was from an investigator who wanted to call before she left for work. And then last night, our doorbell rang at like midnight, we didn't answer it. People need to stop waking me up.

Here's a good one, we met a Peruvian lady and her mother in law that invited us right in, were super nice, but the mother in law was crazy. She has been studying the Bible and all religions for about forty years, but has never joined a church because none of them consuls answer her questions. We were like "ok yeah, that's cool, we can help!" Nope. She thinks that Moses was given the Ten Commandments by aliens, that Joseph Smith (she's really studied all the religions) saw aliens, that Jesus learned all his stuff from the Africans, etc. It was by far the most frustrating lesson I've been in, she had absolutely no interest in hearing what we had to say. It was one of the only times where I was glad that I was limited by the language, because there's no way I could have avoided being sassy if we were speaking in English. Apparently, she hasn't been studying the Bible that I know of, cuz wow. Like I said, never a dull moment. 

I know I've talked about Hno Roger before, I just want to reiterate that he is awesome. He's buying me a new pillow because the one they had here at the apartment is a prison pillow. He is constantly doing things like that for all the missionaries. And it's literally impossible to refuse. He's crazy. Good crazy, but crazy.
Do you want to have a wedding? Because in three of the families we are teaching, the mom and dad aren't married, and all three of them have expressed desire to be baptized. The ideal plan we've decided is to have General conference, and then three wedding weekends in a row. I love weddings. I would love for that to actually happen. 

Dad, I figured out how to answer your question of if I ever feel unsafe. The answer is no, but there are deffffinitely places where I keep a hand on my bag and DO NOT pull out my iPad under any circumstances, because that would be dumb. But no, I have not felt unsafe at any time. 

This Friday we went to the mission home to help Sister Forbes sort through some of the stuff that has been left by missionaries in the past. I scored a coat and some boots, so don't worry about it Mom. Sister Forbes is awesome. We had so much fun hanging out with her. 

I hope you're all doing great, I love you!!
Besitos gorditos

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